How the gowns are made

Our talented artisans use block-printing techniques to create the patterns: a traditional skill passed down through generations of Indian craftsmen. The designs are carved from hard wood by hand. This mould is coated with dyes and hand-pressed on to lengths of soft cotton fabric.

This technique can create subtly different patterns with every length of cloth, so every dressing gown is unique.  

The patterns are simple, bold and elegant. The light, breathable cotton makes the gowns incredibly comfortable to wear. 

Our gowns are available in one-size: suitable for sizes 10-18 (UK), 6-14 (USA) 38-46 (EU). They measure 130cm from top to bottom. 

Our stock is constantly evolving and the gowns are not only individually unique, so when you have a Susannah dressing gown, you own something truly special. 

Due to the organic cotton and traditional printing techniques, we advise washing on cold with a gentle spin.

Paisley Blue and Long Tailed Bird Blue on White gowns
Rainbow Red Kimono Robe Dressing Gown